In his last statewide election, Bob was honored to receive more votes than any other Republican on the ballot, except for the winning U.S. Senator for Arizona. Citizens for Arizona Policy has called Bob “one of Arizona’s most articulate and eloquent champions of conservative ideals.” He has been called a “thought leader” by the Institute for Electric Innovation, “brilliant” by Utility Dive, a “candidate to watch” by National Journal, and one of Arizona’s three “best State Representatives” by the Arizona Capitol Times’s “Best of the Capitol” survey.

As a legislator, Bob received a score of 100 percent from the Center for Arizona Policy. Bob’s policy proposals made front-page news in USA Today and served as model legislation for legislatures nationwide.

Bob comes from a family of small businessmen who assumed leadership roles in their community. His father, Bob Stump, was active in Republican politics in Arizona, California and Hawaii for over 50 years. His grandfather, Robert A. Stump, owned a cafe in Alma, Michigan. Bob’s mother, Jane, served for years as a member of her neighborhood board.

The Tucson Citizen calls Bob “an innovator” who has “strong experience with public policymaking, wise perspectives on energy use [and] a commitment to pursuing fairness for Arizona residents.” The Arizona Republic says Bob is “cerebral…[an] expert…a candidate with depth [and] intestinal fortitude…energetic…intelligent, hard-working and effective…a quick study.” In the House, Bob served as chair of the Committee on Health and as a member of the Rules, Ways & Means, Commerce & Military Affairs, Water and Agriculture, Financial Institutions & Insurance, Education, and Ethics committees, among others.

Bob also served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC) and was an Advisory Council member of the Center for Public Utilities. Bob was a member of the NARUC Committee on Critical Infrastructure, which was established after the September 11, 2001 attacks to devise policies to help protect the nation’s utility infrastructure from natural disasters and terrorist threats. Bob has lectured on energy issues at the Aspen Institute, New Mexico State University, the Institute for Electric Innovation, and other venues.

Bob is a recognized leader in the conservative movement:  He has discussed his policy initiatives on CNN; “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” on the Fox News Channel; National Public Radio; as well as various national and international media. In 2006, he was an hour-long featured guest on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” and discussed his policy ideas with a national audience.

Bob has received over a dozen awards for his efforts to improve Arizonans’ health care and protect Arizona’s taxpayers and families, including the Friend of the Family award, the Champion of the Taxpayer Award, and recognition from the Autism Society of America. He received an “A+” rating from the National Rifle Association.

Bob fought for medical malpractice reform for Arizona doctors and received the “Walk the Talk Award” from the Arizona Medical Association. The Alzheimer’s Association, the Arizona Association of Homes and Housing for the Aging, and the Arizona Healthcare Association have honored Bob for his outstanding work on behalf of Arizona’s seniors. The Arizona Small Business Association deemed Bob an “Eagle for Enterprise” for his efforts to make Arizona the best place in America to do business.

Among the hundreds of bills Bob sponsored or co-sponsored as a member of the House, the following are noteworthy:

Ensure a fiscally responsible state budget and lower taxes
Protect the privacy of veterans’ DD214 discharge records
Improve the quality of care in our nursing homes
Ensure the integrity of our elections by increasing penalties for petition fraud
Increase accountability and safeguards for ambulance users

Bob also sponsored legislation, signed by the Governor and among the first of its kind in the nation, to ban the use of taxpayer dollars for human cloning. The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins wrote at the time that “Representative Stump deserves credit for recognizing that creating life only to destroy it can never be licit.”

Bob is active in his community: He has volunteered for the Alzheimer’s Association; the Phoenix Boys Choir (of which he serves as a trustee); the Cancer Society’s Relay for Life; Pohai Pono, a drug treatment center in Honolulu; the Symphony of the West Valley; and other community organizations. He also serves as Chair of Phoenix Opera.

As a statewide-elected Arizona energy regulator, Bob was attacked relentlessly by well-funded left-wing groups intent on manufacturing fake news and promoting their own narrow, anti-consumer agendas. But Bob pushed on — and won. Bob understands what it’s like being in the political minority: In college, he was one of just three members of the College Republicans at the University of California, Berkeley.

Bob holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University. Though he was one of just a few conservatives on campus, Bob never wavered from his conservative beliefs — just as he’ll never become a creature of the swamp, in Washington.